who the heck are we?

Based in the heart of England, we are busy sourcing the best products at affordable prices. We want to make every house feel cosy, stylish and practical. We don’t have a showroom or a London HQ, but the UK has some fabulous places so we thought, hey, let’s be different.

We are a small but fun team who work hard but play hard too. We know what real life is about, it's busy, so we want to make sure your home at the end of a long day is the place that makes you feel happy. Whether it’s because all your clutter is hidden away in some fabulous storage or you are snuggled up on your amazing sofa on a cold winters night watching a movie, we want to be the ones that make your house cosy.

There is one thing you can be sure about us at housecosy, passion and dedication for bringing you contemporary affordable furniture and homewares.