who the heck are we?

When you think housecosy, think contemporary, affordable furniture! Think a clear uncluttered online shopping experience where everything is about the product! Clear pricing, and clear communication is our commitment to our customers. We know all about real life... it's busy and hectic! Our goal is to ensure that after a long day, your home is the place that makes you feel happy! Whether because your clutter is hidden away in some fabulous new storage solution, or because you're snuggled up on your amazing sofa on a cold winter's night, we want to be the ones that make your housecosy.

Our team are dedicated to bringing you quality, inspiration, style and great design. They are always busy sourcing from around the world (as well as supporting UK production), to bring you affordability and design wrapped into one. So how can we bring you this? We work hard to keep our overheads down so you benefit from the best possible price. We develop our own in house designs combined with quirky and designer pieces from trusted manufacturers.

There is one thing you can be sure about us at housecosy- passion and dedication to bringing you contemporary, affordable, furniture.