rugs buying guide

A rug is just a rug right?

Well… yes and no! You could just grab the first thing you like and we wouldn’t blame you (we’re all guilty of doing this sometimes), but if you think about it, there are many issues to consider before choosing your perfect rug, from the choice of colour, the feel and touch, the design, and not forgetting the durability! We’ve pulled together our housecosy top tips to support you through your rug buying journey (and we’ve even cheekily linked to some of our favourites that we think you’ll like too!)


We work with trusted partners who source rugs from all over the World; each region and country have unique specialist skills for that particular material or style, but above all else, at housecosy we believe it has to look good! Our handy rugs buying guide is designed with you in mind, to ensure you pick the perfect rug!

What are our rugs made from?

Whilst it would be easy to assume all rugs are the same, surprisingly this isn’t the case… whilst all our rugs are great-looking and designed with style in mind, our rugs are offered in a wide choice of materials:

Why choose Wool …

  • Our wool rugs range are our most premium rugs available
  • Wool is the strongest, most vibrant fibre, and most resilient when walked on.
  • Wool adds extra warmth and is a natural product.
  • It has a tight woven pile, and most of our wool rugs are either hand woven or hand tufted.
  • Wool is soft underfoot and suitable for any living area.
  • All wool rugs will shed initially this is because they are from a natural fibre source.
  • Some of our most popular wool ranges include our Persian rug Raiden, boho rug Ellison, and our geometric rug Cubix.

Why choose Jute & Natural Fibre …

  • These materials are eco friendly, and made from fast growing and easily renewable materials.
  • Jute and natural fibre is made from plants and grasses, such as seagrass and jute.
  • These types of rugs are hard under foot but strong and durable.
  • Great for providing an organic bohemian look and feel to a room.

Why choose Polypropylene …

  • Polypropylene is a man-made synthetic fibre that is hardwearing for high traffic areas whilst still being soft to the touch.
  • Polypropylene rugs are machine loomed and the fibres are renowned for minimal shedding and ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Rugs come as both dense pile or in a range of soft shaggy pile.
  • Intricate designs and patterns can be achieved.
  • Their durability makes them ideal for any location.
  • Our most popular polypropylene rugs include our Maverick, Santana, and Shakir berber rug range.


Where is your rug going to go?

A rug for a living room will differ from a kitchen rug... Yes, both need to be hard wearing and look great, but the different requirements and living styles of each room mean you should look for different materials to suit that living style. Our shaggy rug ranges like Kezia and Amira for example, offer great sound dampening in addition to their stylish looks, so they’re perfect for large airy rooms that can suffer from echo.

Flatweave rug are perfect for Kitchens as they often have simple patterns and are easy to clean. For this reason flatweave rugs are also perfect for home offices where wheeled chairs can easily move over their smooth surfaces. Flatweave designs give strength and durability and can be wiped clean easily.

What about the design?

At housecosy, style and design is always at the forefront of what we do! Our collection is made up of some of the latest interior designs trends. We offer everything from boho rugs, vintage rugs, Persian style rugs, and modern geometric rugs.

You should consider the style and colour pallet of your room before deciding on the perfect rug for your home. Try to not make everything match… if your furniture and décor comprises mainly of greys and neutrals, look to add a contemporary pop of colour that will add some interest and a focal point to your room. Our Maverick distressed rug looks great in both modern and more traditional styled rooms. Similarly, if you have an eclectic bohemian style with lots of colours and textures, consider something more muted to allow the other parts of the room to shine- our stunning Alona rug would work great in bohemian room styles!

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