COVID-19 q & a

Are you still operating and open for business?

Yes, we are. we are working from home to ensure we adhere to government guidelines of social distancing, but still processing orders and working hard to make sure our small team still keep our business going with your fantastic support.

How can I get in touch?

Our customer service line is open for limited hours due to home working. You can also contact us via live chat through Facebook messenger and email at

I have an order pending- what is going to happen to it?

We are working hard with our delivery partners to service all existing orders. you may experience a slight delay, but we will keep you up to date as much as possible. We are changing our delivery methods for the short term to support the need for social distancing. You can see more details about this on our delivery page here.

Do you have no contact delivery in place?

We have in place a variety of delivery methods depending on your order to ensure we can still make deliveries but adhere to flattening the curve and bring the need to have contact down. see here for our latest on delivery options

What precautions are your warehouse/couriers taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Suppliers and delivery drivers to warehouse must now remain in their driving cabs, all areas are being cleaned on a more frequent basis and communal areas such have canteens have now been closed. This is alongside an increase in basic hygiene requirements such as hand washing more frequently and self isolation if there are any symptoms among colleagues. 

I am self isolating, can I still have a delivery?

Yes, just place your order and drop us a note to with your order number afterwards and we will ensure your delivery method is notified.