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Has lockdown meant you have been staring at the same four walls for far too long and thinking of all kinds of makeover ideas, but then you think of the cost and this puts you off? Fear not, here are some great affordable ways to update your home on a budget.

A feature wall

A big pop of colour can really bring a room alive! And a tin of paint can cost as little as £10, but the results can look priceless! Dulux have a range of amazing feature wall colours and with hardwearing paint finishes you can be sure that even the most high traffic places can benefit from a statement colour. Dulux have even done the hard work for you, by giving some top tips on dos and don’ts with feature walls. Take a look!

feature wall

Photo: Eve Wilson / The Design Files


What exactly is upcycling? Well you know those old table and chairs heading for the skip or the charity shop? With a bit of love and TLC, suddenly they have a new lease of life and provide a creative and affordable way to update your home. Get scouring eBay, Sphock, Gumtree and your local charity shops for some great finds.

Revamp with techniques such as stenciling, staining, decoupage and using chalk paints. You can really let your imagination run wild, and give unlikely objects new purpose. House Beautiful have put together a great guide for upcycling for beginners.


Photo: www.studio-twentyseven.com


The smallest accessories can make the biggest difference in a room set. The best instant changes we recommend are, lighting, wall art, and soft furnishings such as cushions and throws.

Wall art can really be a great way to add your personality to a room, something quirky, abstract or a quote that really strikes a chord with you. You can pick up some beautiful vintage pieces from flea markets or go bold and contemporary using local artists.

Lighting not only updates a look but can also very easily change the mood of a room. With lighting available in so many materials, textures and styles you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take a look at our current range of housecosy lighting

wall art

Photo: www.housecosy.com

Plants and foliage

Adding greenery into your room does not mean you have to have green fingers! Artificial plants and faux floral have really moved on from the days when you used to cringe at a plastic attempt at a flower! Artificial plants can look beautiful and are obviously very low maintenance.

However, personally at housecosy we love a real plant, but even we are guilty of forgetting to water them sometimes! When picking your real foliage to really change up your room think about where in the room the plant will be, how much sunlight will it have and how humid or cool your room is. This will determine the type of plant that will thrive and the look you can achieve. Read this super useful guide from gardening knowhow.  

Photo: www.housecosy.com

Changing your floor plan

How about spending zero cash? Not even a penny? Then let’s get creative and rearrange furniture? Simple ideas such as changing your sofas to the centre and facing each other, mounting your TV on the wall instead of a TV stand? Move around your photos, the position of your dining table, literally the list is endless but the impact it will have will be fabulous! If you can’t imagine your room any other way than it already is then use one of many online floor planners available online to help.  Dolly have created a super article on their blog on how to successfully rearrange.

Whatever you choose, we hope you can see that it there is always a way to make your very own housecosy look.

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