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E Design:  A true collaboration between designer and client. Affordable, Flexible and Quick!

The new wave in interior design, is online interior design. If you are interested in home design, love a good flick through all the latest magazines but don’t know where to start and don’t want to hire a traditional interior designer then E Design could well be for you.

So…what is this E-Design all about?

E design is a relatively new concept, it’s exactly what it sounds like, virtual decorating, online interior design. A collaborative process between you and your designer, you guessed it, all online. We do everything online, right? We food shop, clothes shop, furniture shop, book travel, we even watch the telly online. So why not hire an interior designer online?

Hands up who doesn’t want to have a beautiful, comfortable home? Maybe you have toyed with the idea of getting professional help and calling in an Interior Designer? But something is holding you back, too expensive, too time consuming, too intrusive. Maybe you like the idea but don’t want someone in your home and you like to be a bit involved in the decorating process, don’t mind getting your paint brush out and love shopping for products.

So, what happens when you do decide to hire an E-designer? The beauty of E-Designers is that we are all different, depending on what you need. You may only want a design concept board and product list, or maybe you just need a furniture floorplan for that awkward space. You may even, just want to see what that extension, you have been dreaming of, on the side of your house, would look like in 3d before you hire an architect and get the builders in!

After you make initial contact, have an email chat with your friendly designer and have decided on what you want and of course on a realistic budget, the process begins…

boden, blush pink, velvet, sideboard, rug, occasional chair

Collaborative process.

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it is not a collaborative process! Your designer will want to find out as much about your style as possible, all the things you love and don’t love in a home. How you decorate your home now and what aspirations you have for the new space. Completing a detailed style or function questionnaire or quiz will help your designer get a better understanding of you and your home’s personality. So, you will need to answer questions on colour preferences, types of furniture, flooring, interior styles, furniture you want to keep and even where you normally shop etc..



Your designer will want to get an idea of what your aspirations are, regarding your new space and will ask you to choose some images of the types of styles you love. Collaborating on Pinterest is a great and easy way to show your designer the kind of spaces that you love. If you don’t have Pinterest, don’t fret, emailing images will work just as well.


Measuring your space

As your e-designer, is sitting in the comfort of their own home and can’t quite reach to measure your space, you will be asked to do it! Don’t worry your designer will give you instructions on how to measure correctly.

Why measure? In order to make sure the furniture fits, your designer will need to know the size of your room or rooms so they can make a furniture plan for you. A couple of images or a quick video of your home and a rough sketch of the room also helps the designer get a feel of your existing space.



Getting to work

Next, it's over to the designer to get working on transforming your space. As E-designers spend far too much time on the net, browsing for products, they know all the fancy shops to be able to bring your unique design together!  They will create a gorgeous design board, using all the information you have given, called a shoppable concept board or mood board, with all the items required for the room. If you have multiple rooms your designer will make sure there is a beautiful flow between each room, creating, a seamless cohesive look.


See below example concept boards using housecosy gorgeous products.

 sofa, velvet, occasional chairoccasional chair, grey sofa, 3 seater, wall art




3D Renders

Sometimes, depending on the service you have chosen, the designer is able to create, a photoshop 3D render of your room, this shows you how your space could look with the products and colours together.

design, lounge, layout, navy velvet


Your design is then all packaged up into a beautiful, professional presentation with your unique design, finishes, floor plans, renders, installation instructions and an individual product list that are all clickable, taking you to each item’s store details.  What more could you want? All that is left, is for you, to fill those baskets and have fun putting your designed space together.

interior designer, housecosy

E design allows access to an affordable, simple, fun, flexible, collaborative process between you and your e-designer, creating beautiful spaces for you to enjoy and your friends to be envious of!!

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