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You know that flash in the pan style trend we thought would be all over by the end of 2020? Yeah, that doesn't seem to be going anywhere... but as more and more people embrace this carefully curated (without looking carefully curated) style, how can you make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck whilst still pulling together a beautiful insta-worthy room? We explore some of our stylist's top tips for getting that #boho style on a budget.


Charity shops and thrift stores

At the heart of the bohemian trend are two core principles- sustainability and individuality. There aren't many places you can go that tick both these boxes whilst also being incredibly friendly on the bank balance! Charity shops have seen an explosion of donations since the Corona virus lockdowns as homeowners spent their time in enforced solitude clearing out the 'clutter'. As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and never has this been more relevant than it is with charity shops. 

charity shopping looking for bohemian home bargains on a budget

Try to find stores with a solid focus on homewares and interior products and you'll be amazed at the treasures you can find! In our latest trip we came back with a mountain of styling accessories, everything from mix and match crockery and earthenware, to a rattan mirror and even a few cheeky scatter cushions! Our bill for this haul was a whopping £14 leaving us plenty of money for coffee on the way home! Search you area for great charity shops with a focus on home and interior using this handy guide to scour your local area.


Reclaimed wood

Not only does reclaimed wood look great, it's also amazingly environmentally friendly. The subtle imperfections, wood grains and unique colours give a warm and inviting feel to any room, and because the wood is sustainably sourced from waste product, you'll often find that furniture manufactured in this way is extremely cost effective too! 

Torin reclaimed teak dining table

Reclaimed pine railway sleepers can be bought from vendors on eBay and make great frames for garden planters, and our very own Torin dining table is handmade into a stunning parquet dining table using the reclaimed teak from disused fishing boats. We've seen some great examples recently of reclaimed timber beams used as floating shelves over a fireplace to give a rustic but modern look. Go wild and explore how you can incorporate reclaimed timber into your interior!


Rich and luxurious colour pops

Whilst reclaimed timber is great, to really get that interior poppin' you'll want to incorporate some contrasting and complimentary colours. When designing a room we'll often use a velvet sofa with a rich luxurious colour like our Camilla sofa in turmeric plush velvet, but whilst this is still a great value designer sofa, we recognise that you're here for budget friendly style ideas so check out some of our favourite ways to inject some colour without splashing out:

Candles - you can never have too many candles (fact), but have you seen some of the fun and unique colours they're available in these days? These neon pink candles are perfect for adding some classic style in a distinctly modern palette

Cushions and throws - add texture, colour and warmth to a room with an eclectic mix of scatter cushions and snuggly throws. Some of our favourite buys have cost less than £10 and the eclectic nature of the bohemian trend lends itself to contrasting and imperfect pairings

Rugs - a good rug can lift a room instantly adding texture, sound deadening and generally bringing the look together. Luckily housecosy has one of the best collections of interior and exterior rugsin the UK and we wouldn't go anywhere else when looking for our next rug obsession! 

 kezia boho berber rug by housecosy



What bohemian interior would be without plants? What's that... you always kill them? Yeah, we hear you, but the new generation of faux artificial plants are so realistic that you have to look really hard to tell! We've compiled a list of our favourite plants to search out (real or fake) to get that boho look you've been dreaming of!

Monstera Swiss Cheese - your go to plant for boho style! The holy grail of interiors, the mighty Monstera plant is a relatively hardy interior plant that will instantly upgrade your interior. Want the look but don't have the space? Why not chuck a couple of faux Monstera leaves in your charity shop sourced vase and admire your frugal green fingers?

 monstera plant bohemian interiors

Cacti - our green spikey friends can be bought cheaply at any gardening or DIY store and not only look great, but are virtually impossible to kill! 

Ferns - great for adding texture and lush green colour. Ferns can be used to bulk out the foliage of an existing plant arrangement or as a standalone plant in their own right

Pothos - trailing plant which when styled correctly can add some natural texture to shelves and bookcases, bringing the outdoors in!


Whilst these are some of our favourite cheats, the beauty of the bohemian interior trend is it's refusal to conform or be pigeon holed! So in summary, go out, have fun- dig through crates at a car boot sale, rummage the shelves of charity shops, upcycle, recycle and make your home beautiful and uniquely yours!

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