January 28, 2020 2 min read

Spring is around the corner! Ok, maybe not but it’s not far away. For many of us spring is the perfect time to update our homes. 

Here are three key trends that will see you through the rest of the year and give your home a little refresh. 

1. Mid Century. After uncertain political times, we are encouraged to play and bring fun and colour back to our homes. Using texture and pattern layered together we can create energy and excitement without it being to busy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold paint colours. Farrow and Ball have recently collaborated with the National History Museum to release a palette of bolder colours such as Verdigris Green and Dutch Orange. Colours such as these mixed with bold geometric patterns and motivational quote wall art will lift the spirits even on the dullest of days. (Photos; housecosy Camilla 3 seater, wallpaper, Heimtex 2019) 

Camilla 3 seater sofa 

2. The discussion on sustainability has started to take a different angle to what we have seen before. As consumers, we have a better understanding of materials and how our choices effect the global climate crisis. The message has now evolved into conscious shopping. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, cotton and clay are to be celebrated for their natural imperfections and as consumers we are asked to repair and reuse instead of buying new. We are celebrating the craft of creating and encouraged to build our own story around the items that we treasure. When shopping look for pieces of furniture that are timeless, well-made and can be accessorized as your tastes alter. The Tokyo Olympics this summer will also see a greater focus on Japan and the zen aesthetic that accompanies it. (photos; housecosy helene dining chairs, Good china Tumblr) 


3. World Influences. Summer is the perfect season to experiment with influences from around the world. Not limited to one country we now have a melting pot of inspiration to gather from. Thank you, Instagram. Texture and natural materials are key here. Tufted Moroccan rugs, hand painted ceramics and worn washed linens give the illusion of treasures gathered on our travels. Like the first trend this can be layered together and we are encouraged to have fun and bring personality and memories into our homes. (Photos: housecosy Amira rug, wall decoration -general store)

This blog has been made possible by the lovely Louise at  https://www.ceruleangrey.com/. What this lady does not know about retail home trends isn't worth knowing!  Louise is a trend forecaster for the homewares market so it's her job to predict upcoming trends often 2 years in advance of the season. Which is great news for you and us at housecosy because we have been given some insights on ways to refresh our homes that will hopefully last longer than one season. Thanks Louise!! x


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